Terraced Plaza

Location: Bangalore, India

Prestige Jindal City




Schematic design



Prestige Jindal City is a premium residential development set in the verdant backdrop along Tumkur Road at Anchepallya in Bangalore. This large township project spreading over 30 acres features 80% of the site as open spaces with a wide range of amenities.

The landscape is designed as a fresh, natural and innovative environment to offer residents new ways of living in the outdoor realm. The resulting lush surroundings and facilities encourage social interaction, healthy lifestyle and urban ecology.

Series of pavilions nestled in planting areas are lounge areas at the entrance to the central landscape. Rooted from the existing nala or water channel, the spaces emerge from a central axis and branch out to reveal the various activity nodes. Physical and visual connectivity is key in modulating the shared and more private spaces within the landscape. The meandering circulation connects the landscape rooms while retaining a central visual axis. Cascading water walls with floating planters and cantilevered decks celebrate the level changes in the landscape.