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Amenities Design
Landscape Design
Residential Towers
Residential amenities

FAR:  418,000 sqm

  • Year: 2018

  • Development: Offices + Residential. Mixed Use

  • Location: Mumbai, India

  • Plot: 222,926 sqm


The masterplan comprises of residences, retail and commercial components. In this project, there is an abundance of green spaces which became the key design generator. We explored ideas of living in a park and multi-generational living to maximise the use of the green. Different layers of community spaces are designed to engage the community. At a macro scale where we placed the buildings on the perimeter of the site to create green lungs in the development and micro scale where intimate communal spaces are designed on every level of the residences to encourage activities apart from the ground level. 

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Interior Design

Juinagar Residences
Architecture + Landscape + Interior