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Design & Research cell 

The Design and Research Cell (DARC)  is an exclusive design think tank  that offers an integrated approach to architecture, landscape and interiors. The studio is formed to push the existing paradigms by creating meaningful spaces that are relevant to the local context while challenging the confines of mainstream practice.  Dedicated to experiment with unusual concepts that go beyond visual composition. We elevate design to a choreography of experiences.





DARC is committed to staying at the forefront
of design innovation by embracing cutting-edge technologies, ensuring our designs are forward-looking and adaptable.


Our think tank thrives on innovation. We continually explore new design concepts and strategies that push the boundaries of architectural practice.

Research Driven

We are passionate about research and data-driven design. Our projects are informed by the latest research and best practices in the field.



Our Buildings are designed to adapt to the changing needs in its lifetime. Our designs are future-forward and constantly evolving.


Sustainability is a guiding principle. We design with a focus on environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, and long-term sustainability

Social Impact

Our approach extends beyond architecture; we engage with and positively impact communities. We prioritize social inclusion and accessibility in our designs.

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