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Amaravati Convention Centre








2 Acres

20,000 sqm

Amaravati, India

Govt of Andhra Pradesh

Concept Proposal

Planned as an intrinsic part of the masterplan for Amaravati Capital City, the design of the proposed convention center aspires to engage dignitaries, residents, and visitors into the natural qualities of the urban environment as an alternative public space. Designed to serve as a dynamic urban landmark, the convention center consolidates and animates the site on which it is planned. The site planning encourages pedestrian movement by developing a clear schism between the vehicular and pedestrian circulation. In coherence with Amravati’s vision of being one of the most sustainable cities in the world, this design incorporates several cost-effective energy-saving measures. The building orientation and form respond to Amravati’s climate by making use of passive systems and embracing some of the latest technologies such as photovoltaics. The material palette includes a selection of locally available materials that suit the robust nature of the design, namely, concrete, stone, and steel.


Drawing symbiosis between the new city, water, and its greenery, this building aims to reinforce the relationship between buildings and landscape, creating a new social space for the community.

Project Gallery

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