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HDFC Corporate Headquarters








2 Acres

10,000 sqm

Mohali, India


Concept Proposal

Located in Mohali, the commercial hub lying adjacent to the city of Chandigarh, is HDFC's office tower, containing mainly a Call center and residential center, spread over a 2 acre site.

Emerging out of basic square grids, the building evolves into a dynamic work space that spills out into multilevel open to sky terraces with trellis. The building is organized into two main towers, a Call center and a mix of offices, IT server hubs, admin, Audi, hostel and training rooms. The entrance area, takes one through a dynamic transition of  volumes, surfaces and light, leading them to the lobby, cafeteria and recreation, which is a common area for the all the employees, residents and visitors. From here, the lift core takes one vertically up to the seven floors of the building on either side.

With a mix of double height volumes, sky lit triple height lobby, a step back facade with huge terrace areas, the HDFC office tower stands out in the way office spaces work and gives more scope for collaborations.

Project Gallery

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