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Phoenix Mall of Asia

Retail, Office







13 Acres

168,250 sqm

Bangalore, India

Phoenix Marketcity


Mall of Asia, situated in Jakkur, Bangalore, is a sprawling retail complex spanning over 13 acres of land, developed by Phoenix Marketcity. The design is characterized by the use of organic form, free-flowing shopfront, and atriums, leading through a series of interior spaces, each with its unique theme and decor. A walk through this mall is as much about a carefully curated experience of exploration and discovery as it is about shopping and entertainment.

The facade echoes this design theme, featuring tiered layers of cladding and shingles rendered in rich metallic tones, as well as multiple video screens and lighting coves that culminate in a striking entrance canopy anchoring the mall's street presence.  Masterfully designed and executed, Mall of Asia adds a unique and immersive shopping experience to retail offerings in North Bangalore.

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